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Marge Perry’s Green Shrimp - May 9, 2017

My friend Marge Perry…‘s green shrimp are an ideal appetizer, as you can make them in advance. Before serving be sure to bring to room tempe

Red Cat’s Quick Sauté of Zucchini with Toasted Almonds and Pecorino - July 27, 2015

Red Cat owner Jimmy Bradley shared this simple recipe for a quick sauté of zucchini from the restaurant’s eponymous cookbook. Like all…

Dutch Yellow Potatoes & Leek Soup - February 3, 2015

We’ve adapted this soup recipe from Melissa’s new cookbook DYP’s: the perfect everyday potato cookbook….  Take a chance

The Wedding Weekend - November 26, 2013

On the eve of Thanksgiving, I’m giving thanks for my new family — one that has grown exponentially since Eric married Casey Brogdon at a 4-da…

Avocado Deviled Eggs - July 6, 2013

I met food blogger “Mimi Avocado…” at Camp Blogaway earlier this summer. She offered to share this recipe with us.
“I often j

Bruce Aidells’ Baharat - June 25, 2013

When interviewing Bruce Aidells for our Guest Foodie post this week, he shared this recipe from his cookbook, The Great Meat Cookbook: Everyth

Mac ’n Cheese with Roasted Jalapenos & Bacon - June 16, 2013

Serve this rich dish as a side dish or appetizer. It was developed for Cabot Creamery Cooperative …by sous chef Josh Rollins, The Pitcher Inn, War

George Geary’s Taco Cheesecake - May 13, 2013

Taco Cheesecake
What’s more versatile than tacos or cheesecakes as vehicles for bold flavors? I haven’t created a dessert taco yet but I am …

Big Party Prep: Be Uber Organized - April 16, 2013

Prepping for on open house with 70+ guests for Eric’s engagement party, I tried to do as much ahead as possible. Silly me, I am just… realizi

Stanley Dry’s Fried Pies - November 6, 2012

AVERY ISLAND, La. — Stanley Dry doesn’t remember the kind of fried pies his great-aunt Sallie Warnock — or Miss Sallie, as s…

Baba Ghanouge - October 16, 2012

This Mediterranean classic — courtesy of Alwadi Al Akdar — is easy to make at home.
Baba Ghanouge
3 medium eggplants
½ cup tahini
½ cup plai

Blazin’ Hot Bacon Dip - September 28, 2012

With tailgating season in full swing, here’s a Blazin’ Hot Bacon Dip, complements of Smithfield bacon that you can make in just 10 minu…

Avocado Breakfast Burrito - August 29, 2012

Hurried mornings leaving you with no time for breakfast? Think again! Wrapped in a warm flour tortilla, filled with a ham and cheese scramble an…

Creative Uses for Hummus - August 20, 2012

Tribe Hummus  offers these simple suggestions for using hummus.
Hummus Dressing – Salad dressing can get boring quickly. Try mixing 2 tbsp. o

Bucatini with Brussels Sprouts, from Corkbuzz - April 25, 2012

The Tasting Table agrees with me as to their favorite Corkbuzz dish: the buttery bowl of bucatini with Brussels sprouts and chile oil. They like…

Food and Film - February 26, 2012

As one might guess, Film Movement, a company dedicated to distributing the best award-winning films from the world’s top film festivals, lo…

Avocado Dipping Sauce - January 30, 2012

Use this quick and easy sauce as a dip for Superbowl Sunday. Serve with fresh veggies (carrot, celery, tomato, jicama, fennel, bell peppers), f…

Hearts of Palm at Jerry’s Restaurant - April 2, 2011

It’s rare for a side dish to be so exceptional that it becomes the standout of the meal, let alone a restaurant; but Chef Bridget Burns at Jerry…

Express (aka Quick!) Entrees Using Peanut Butter - December 2, 2010

Looking  for delicious recipes that you can get on the table in under 15 minutes with little fuss, and big flavors. What follows are Peanut Butt…

Cannellini Bean Recipes - October 14, 2010

Beans have a well-deserved reputation of being the musical fruit–that is, unless you eat them regularly.
The following recipes using canne…

Mini Fish Tacos - October 2, 2010

“Did you know that Stephanie Sokolove, Boston’s “Queen of Sophisticated Comfort Food” is a huge Cabot fan?”…

Sweet & Spicy Meatballs or Chicken - May 20, 2010

A simple recipe for meatballs cooked in a blend of jelly and chili sauce, sparked a memory — and a discussion among my siblings — about a chick…

Apolo Ohno’s Curry Potato Soup - May 17, 2010

When Apolo Ohno is not skating, he’s often in the kitchen cooking. Last month at a Washington State potato breakfast at the Sea Grill at Rockef…

Fresh Berry and Orange Crepes - May 7, 2010

Luscious fresh berries provide a tasty topping for golden light crepes in this simple but elegant recipe for brunch or dessert. Whether using b…

Asparagus Bundles with Proscuitto & Goat Cheese - April 16, 2010

Asparagus Bundles with Proscuitto & Goat Cheese makes an attractive side dish this spring. And its simple to prepare!

Asparagus Bundles w

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