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Woolwich Dairy Wild Blueberry Vanilla Chevrai - June 11, 2013

A sweet honey and vanilla flavored, rich and creamy soft unripened goat cheese adorned with blueberries

Melkbus 149 Truffles Cheese - November 27, 2012

A new farmstead raw-milk Gouda cheese with shavings of black Italian truffles

Schloss Marin French Cheese - September 4, 2012

A soft-ripened, washed-rind, cow's milk cheese

Snøfrisk - June 26, 2012

Semihard Norwegian goat cheese

Mann’s Brussels Sprouts - April 24, 2012

Fresh sprouts in a ready-to-steam bag

Coach Farm Fresh Goat Cheese with Fig - April 10, 2012

Coach Farm's classic fresh goat's milk cheese filled with fresh figs; also available filled with pears

Dole Hand Picked Selections Head Lettuce - March 6, 2012

Heads of buttery lettuce packed in a clamshell

POM POMS Arils - December 6, 2011

Ready-to-eat arils from fresh pomegranates

Kerrygold Cashel Blue - November 29, 2011

Irish artisanal farmhouse blue cheese

Trois Petits Cochons Mousse Truffee - November 8, 2011

A combo of chicken liver, truffles, sherry and Pineau des Charentes (a French aperitif)

Cypress Grove Flashback Six-Pack - October 25, 2011

An assortment of '60s-themed chèvre disks, perfect for holiday entertaining or gifting

Earthbound Farm Power Meal Tomatillo Black Bean Protein Energy - September 13, 2011

A complete single-serve salad with greens, black bean & corn salad, five-seed stone ground corn strips, sunflower kernels, and a tomatillo verde dressing

Columbus All Natural Uncured Peppered Salame - July 5, 2011

A peppered natural salame made with 100 percent hand-trimmed pork

Cabot Serious Snackers Serious Sharp Cheddar - May 31, 2011

Portion-controlled chunks of sharp cheddar cheese for snacking

Don Enrique Freshly Trimmed Cilantro - February 22, 2011

Fresh cilantro in a breathable bag

Belle Go “Fig”ure Chèvre Breakfast Cheese - December 1, 2010

A spreadable goat cheese flavored with fig preserves

Green Valley Organics Lactose Free Blueberry Pom Acai Kefir - October 26, 2010

Organic, lactose-free kefir with blueberry, pomegranate and açai

Edwards Cooked Virginia Ham Slices - September 21, 2010

Pre-sliced, country-style, hickory-smoked, cooked Virginia ham

Christopher Ranch Green Garlic - August 3, 2010

Young garlic plants harvested before the bulb fully develops
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