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Happy Holidays - December 20, 2016

A holiday greeting from the Bite of the Best team

Happy New Year - January 3, 2016

A happy new year greeting to you and yours from the Bite of the Best team

Happy Holidays - December 20, 2015

A happy holidays greeting to you and yours from the Bite of the Best team

Happy Thanksgiving - November 21, 2015

A Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from the Bite of the Best team

Happy 2015 from the Bite of the Best Family - January 5, 2015

A New Year's greeting to you and yours from the Bite of the Best team

Happy Holidays to You from the Bite of the Best Family - December 21, 2014

A holiday greeting to you and yours from the Bite of the Best team

Happy Holidays From Bite of the Best - December 23, 2013

A holiday greeting from the Bite of the Best team

Happy Holidays From Our Home to Yours - December 18, 2012

Our wish for a healthy, happy and delicious holiday

Happy Thanksgiving From the Bite of the Best Team - November 20, 2012

Our favorite holiday — a good meal, good libations and often interesting company — with no gift-giving pressures

Happy Holidays from the BOTB Family - December 20, 2011

Our holiday greeting from the Bite of the Best family to you and yours

Happy Holidays - December 22, 2010

A holiday greeting from the Bite of the Best team

Bite of the Best’s Facelift - May 25, 2010

Our new site! With new sections including weekly giveaways, local restaurants, helpful recipes and online store

Happy 2010 From The Bite of the Best Team - December 30, 2009

A New Year's Greeting from the Bite of the Best team

Happy Holidays from the BOTB Team - December 23, 2009

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Happy Thanksgiving From The Bite of The Best Team - November 25, 2009

Bonnie, Bryan & Eric: We are wishing all of you a deliciously wonderful turkey day tomorrow. And instead of reviewing a product this week, we wanted to share some Thanksgiving recollections and, more importantly, to ask you to share yours with all of us – both the memorable and the forgettable ones.

For instance:

• What’s your traditional holiday food (other than turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce) that must be on your holiday table? And, if you’re so inclined, how about sharing the recipe with us. We’re pretty traditional, preparing the regulars and deciding on the other sides by what looks fresh in the farmers’ market or at our local farm stand.

• Share an amusing tale about a food item that wasn’t completely cooked or never made it to the table. At our home, we call an undercooked turkey a “Harriet.”

One Thanksgiving, we all were called to the table to eat. We began to dig into the food that was passed around the table as Aunt Harriet placed the 26-pound bird in front of Uncle Ben to carve. He attempted to cut into the giant turkey, when he realized it was raw, literally raw.

Blame went back and forth, as it seemed someone had forgotten to turn on the oven.

“I thought you put the turkey in the oven.”

“I did, but I thought you had turned on the oven….”

We all giggled, and made do from the rest of the holiday offerings.

Hence, the name.

• Share a story about celebrating this all-American holiday out of the country. While Eric was studying hospitality abroad in Den Haag (The Hague, The Netherlands), we had some Thanksgiving celebrations at our relative’s home in Brussels, Belgium (about 1½ hours by train from Den Haag). Eric invited some classmates from Sweden, Israel, Spain, Bulgaria and Tunisia to experience the multicourse, very filling meal. Smart move to invite those studying hospitality, as they all pitched in to cook and clean up without even being asked!

• Share a story about cooking the multicourse meal in a small or under-equipped kitchen. Necessity is certainly the impetus for creativity, as Bonnie found when she prepared a full holiday meal in Bryan’s brand new home, sans many needed pots, pans, utensils and serving dishes.

Bonnie coped, adapting to what was there and found odds ’n ends around the house to serve foods in…

• Share what you’re thankful for this year as we’ve all been affected to some extent by economic hardships. The turkey might be smaller and the additions fewer, but the friends and family surrounding you are all that truly matter.

The Bite of the Best team is very thankful this year that we’re all in the same place and sharing Thanksgiving cooking and dinner together. And we’re thankful for having all of you who follow us on our ever-growing site.

You can now follow Bonnie on Twitter: BonnieBOTB

Westbound Crossing on the Queen Mary 2 - October 15, 2008

The grandest ocean liner, complete with a Canyon Ranch Spa aboard

Happy Birthday BOTB! - May 7, 2008

A weekly NewsBite newsletter and accompanying website about outstanding recommended products

Holiday Season Entertaining - December 19, 2007

Bonnie: Parties that are different from the norm (whatever that is), provide lasting effects, meaning your friends will talk about them for years to come. I know mine do.

For your next gathering — whether during the holidays or throughout the year — party plan with a twist. Not just the food, but the event.

For example, consider my Black & White New Year’s Eve party. Hands down, the most fun New Year’s Eve. First, the party was in November. Yes, November. (I had to stage it for a photographer for my weekly newspaper food feature.) And unlike the actual holiday, the gathering contained absolutely no pressure to have fun.

I asked attendees to don black and white. Men enjoyed an excuse to dust off their tuxedos; women easily grabbed a black dress. Everything was black and white — from table settings and decorations to the food — except the fresh red rose I placed on each woman’s black dinner plate. (That touch of red could also be from a tomato skin rose garnishing the main plate.)

The food? Truth is, I had to dig out the newspaper article from the 80s to remember! It contained recipes and alternative menu suggestions, including Belgian endive Romanoff (caviar topped endive), vichyssoise or a smoky flavored cream of chestnut soup, filet mignon with a blue cheese sauce, duchess potato cups filled with garlic mushrooms, fennel and cucumber salad, and a chocolate mousse cake or a white Russian cake decorated with chocolate shavings.

Today, I’d do a black and white meal differently. Caviar and vodka to…

Bryan: As I’ve mentioned before, holidays are all about food, and holiday entertaining is no different. Food and beverage, of course, makes all the difference when it comes to creating a memorable party experience for you and your guests. There are two very different kinds of holiday season entertaining in my opinion – family vs. friends. Family gathers around the table for the religious holidays (Christmas, Chanukah, etc.); it’s a chance to revisit familial…

Eric: It seems as though we’re on a holiday writing kick, and with good reason. With the ensuing Christmas season, and the always provocative aftermath of the New Year’s Eve celebration, it seems right to put aside the culinary talk and focus on the traditions (or lack thereof) that we usually look forward to enjoying. From reading my mother’s and brother’s comments, you can easily put together an…

Happy Turkey Day! - November 21, 2007

Our favorite holiday, good meal, good libations and often interesting company — with no pressures as there's no gift giving

Bite of the Best Official Launch Party - October 31, 2007

A weekly newsletter and accompanying website about outstanding recommended products

TidBites - October 3, 2007

Tidbits of information about food, travel, contests and more

Whole Grain Stamp - September 26, 2007

A stamp on food packages indicating that the food contains at least a half a serving of whole grain
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