Desserts & Baked Goods

34º Caramel Crisps - July 3, 2012

A slightly sweet paper-thin cracker

Black and Blanco Marzipan Sandcastles - April 17, 2012

A whole-grain (rye) cookie that's wheat-, dairy- and egg-free cookie and made with coconut oil

Effie’s Homemade Oatcakes - June 21, 2011

A multi-use lightly sweetened biscuit

Fabulous Flats Tandoori Naan - June 15, 2010

Hand-stretched flatbread made without preservatives or hydrogenated oils

GoodyTwos Toffee - February 9, 2010

Bonnie: My holiday gift from Robin Miller — of Food Network’s Quick Fix Meals and my client when I don my talent agent hat — was a box overflowing with a plethora of her favorite local Phoenix-area foods.There were lots of goodies including spicy nuts, hot sauces, honey, olive oil, Parmesan crackers, jellies, mustard, tomatillo salsa and small bags of GoodyTwos Nutty-Twist, Traditional and Double-Crossed fresh toffee.

The toffee was the easiest to sample, so I reached into….

Bryan: GoodyTwos Toffee Company. “Who?” I asked. “They’re a mother/daughter team based out of Arizona,” Bonnie said. “It’s very small-batch stuff. They’re a specialty producer, and I think we should try them out. Just let me know what you think.”

I definitely let her know what I thought — and quickly. I got the toffees in the mail and was in my email only minutes later. “These are…

Eric: My brother already has boasted about these delicious (and I repeat, delicious) pieces of toffee, and I would be doing the same if it were not redundant.

I’ve never been a fan of toffee — it usually sticks to my teeth or has this chewy quality that leaves me unsatisfied — but GoodyTwos Toffee was almost like a new …

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For the month of February, Stacey — the daughter in the mother-daughter duo behind GoodyTwos — is offering Bite of the Best visitors a 15% discount on all orders. Shipping, BTW, is $10.95 for up to 2 pounds to anywhere in the US.

Donsuemor — Dipped Chocolate and Other — Madeleines - March 25, 2009

A soft, moist madeleine AKA soft little shell-shaped cake, some chocolate dipped, some plain or lemon

Sugabettens Baking Brownies - November 26, 2008

A rich brownie, just like homemade

Rubschlager Whole Grain Squares - September 3, 2008

Specialty old-world style, whole-grain breads